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About Alden Grace

Alden Grace Fine Stationery is a small, family-run stationery manufacturer located on the south coast of Massachusetts. Since starting our manufacturing in 2001, we have created our own niche in the high-end stationery market with the Alden Grace product line and have earned a reputation for crafting beautiful personalized stationery, wedding invitations, and invitations for all occasions. Our quality rivals the best in the industry, yet our prices are much our customers excellent value.

Initially, the Alden Grace product line was only offered through high-end retail stores. To make our product line more available to all consumers, we began selling direct through our website in 2003. Starting in 2007, Alden Grace brand products were no longer sold through retail stores and are now only available through this website.

Unlike many online stationery stores, we do not automatically and digitally print what you submit to us. Each order is professionally typeset, printed on a conventional offset printing press and in-line thermographer, then assembled by hand...including hand-glued envelope linings when ordered.

Quality and accuracy are checked throughout our production process. Our attention to detail does take time, but results in stationery products that you will be proud to own and use.

About our turnaround time: Your order will normally be completed within 6 weeks of placing your order. If we have to acquire custom or imported material to produce your order, turnaround time could be longer. During busy times such as the Christmas Holiday season (which for us begins in September), turnaround time could be much longer.

Optional envelope linings adds about one week to production time, as we utilize homeworkers to hand line our envelopes.

At Alden Grace, you can be assured that you will receive an exceptional level of personalized service, and our product quality is comparable to the best in the high end personalized stationery market...Plus we take great pride in being the Best Value in Fine Stationery since 2001.